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5 Basic Rules To Care For Houseplants During The Cold Season

Houseplants need your constant attention to survive the cold season. A simple warmy won’t completely solve the needs of indoor plants. Here are some simple rules you should apply to help your plants to pass safe through cold season. 1. Don’t overwater them! The winter watering of plants is done …

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Hard-To-Kill Indoor Plants Anyone Can Grow

No plant is impossible to kill, but there are a few plants that are more resistant, being perfect for those who don’t have the time to care for them but still want their little green corner. Here are the hard-to-kill plants that anyone can grow in the house. Violets No …

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How To Save Houseplants From Overwatering?

If you watered your plants too much, this means you have to save them from “drowning”, otherwise the plant will rot and die. The first signs that tell you’ve watered the plants too much: – on the soil surface will appear fungi (some white spots, like a fluff) – the …

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