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How To Protect Your Leafy Garden From Snails & Slugs

Snails and slugs are an eyesore. Their mucus-covered bodies and slime trail are not pleasing to the eye. And this is one of the reasons I keep them out of my home, especially in the garden and around the water tank, tap, aquarium, and fish pond. Apart from being a …

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6 Pest Control Methods To Get Rid of Cutworms

If you are a hard-working gardener, you must be really proud of all the vegetable you have in your garden. Well, after a while, you might notice there is something wrong. In my case, something slices off the vegetables at ground level which leads to their death. It was so …

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The key to a successful vegetable garden

An elder’s say is that you can’t plant the same plant in the same place 2 years in a row. Unfortunately, like many other rules that our grandparents were applying in the garden are forgotten. One of the most important rules is crop rotation. The consequences: poor crops due to …

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